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    Bizness News 10/10/2014
    by The Guvnor
On the 6th November, Aston Villa FC will host another premier exhibition. The Midlands Expo will host an amazing array of companies and keynote speakers.
With concerns amongst business travellers rising, Rosie Wells talks to two containment experts Ian Skinner and Keith Wallace to get some hard fact around the recent Ebola outbreaks. Although they were unable to attend the [Read More]
Over the Summer of 2014 Ali DeFoy, and a Biz To Biz TV crew, spent time at Aston Villa’s allotment – the home of their Roots and Renewal CSR project. This the first of two [Read More]
Originally an interview for our series World of Tomorrow?, this introduction to augmented reality by Design BP is so concise, we decided to make it stand alone item for The Bizness Show. Company directors, Mark [Read More]
In this item Rosie Wells asks the question: Is the Recession Over?
In this weeks news Ali DeFoy takes a look at: In the Arena with Kriss Akabusi Serious Games International working with British Airways (Tim Luft – interview) Nat West announces new funding hubs Guvnor Media [Read More]
This report from the Economist highlights the possible loss of mid-skilled jobs due to computerised automation.
In December 2014 food and bevearge providers in the UK will encounter some important changes in the way they present food information to customers. Paul Warren and Joan Goodger, experts from Food & Hygiene, explain [Read More]
Ali DeFoy presents this weeks news and takes a look at: Netshields new VoIP telephone offering  [Netshield feature on the Demise of XP] Essex Council’s finance roadshow Apple’s iPhone 6 launch Guvnor Media’s new science [Read More]
This weeks show features some exciting expo’s around the UK. Rosie Wells invites Pushpa Alexander of HeadzUp Business to talk about her upcoming Women In Business Expo in Walsall, while Mark and Ewart go to [Read More]