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With concerns amongst business travellers rising, Rosie Wells talks to two containment experts Ian Skinner and Keith Wallace to get some hard fact around the recent Ebola outbreaks. Although they were unable to attend the [Read More]
4/4 The final part to our short film series on the demise of Microsofts obsolete operating system – Windows XP.
2/4  The second episode in this featured series looks at the types of issues you can run into with new hardware.
Rosie Wells interviews the new Biz To Biz TV Bizness Lifestyle presenters Karyl Iles and Libby Walton about some common mistakes on dressing in the corporae marketplace. Warren Cass gives some incites into successful networking [Read More]
Liquid/Liquid Chromatography is not new, but it has evolved. Guvnor Media has been working with Brunel University, Dynamic Extractions (UK) and BioExtractions (Wales), helping to simply explain and promote a technology which could hold the [Read More]
The Crooked House was originally a farm house on the Glynne Estate. When mining works unsettled the foundations the house sank by 5 feet on the one side, giving the building it distinctive ‘crooked’ look. [Read More]
Rosie chats with the new director and partner Ewart Dudko-Richardson about his plans for Guvnor Media. Ahead of their next Business Growth Show in Salford, Mark Linton talks about his plans for the future. Mark [Read More]
Rosie interviews Australian security consultant Glenn Farrant of Critical Arc. Glenn discusses their unique software Safe Zone, a personal security app. which is being used in universities in the UK and Australia.
Ewart Dudko Richardson has over 30 years experience in process containment.
When Marcus Cauchi (pronounced “cow key”) says he’s a lazy salesman, he’s demonstrating his dry sense of self depricating humour. In fact, his sales training is intensive, time consuming and challenging –  forcing clients to [Read More]