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    Bizness News 10/10/2014
    by The Guvnor
Whether you’re looking at Kickstarter, Indie GoGo or a slot on Dragon’s Den there are a few things you should know about. And who better to tell you than crowdfunding pros. Presented by Warren Cass [Read More]
The Crooked House was originally a farm house on the Glynne Estate. When mining works unsettled the foundations the house sank by 5 feet on the one side, giving the building it distinctive ‘crooked’ look. [Read More]
As well as being an incredible piece of history, The Manor House in West Bromwich has numerous tales of murder and ghostly happenings. Curator Rachel Kinsella and paranormal investigator David Taylor give a tantalizing glimpse [Read More]
The Talent Navigator Enterprise Hub is based in Walsall in the West Midlands. The directors of the Hub are Akshay Parikh and Roger Payne. This promotional video offers some incredible opportunities for Walsall based entrepreneurs. [Read More]
The UK’s premiere membership organisation for business, Business Scene, is now creating its own channel for business media. Welcome to Scene TV, with news, interviews and survey from Business Scene members.
Ths video was a pilot for an on-line series of videos for IKEA Burbank.
In 2009, Guvnor Media (USA) produced this advertisement for JimiCap – a major sports supplier to the NFL. It was part of an in-store campaign for JimiCap USA.
iKEA was a pilot concept video for IKEA Burbank. The video was distributed via a Bluetooth transmitter unit (blaster unit) to people with Bluetooth enabled telephones.
This IKEA video was produced at the flagship store in Burbank, Los Angeles. It was created to inform customers about the wide range and benefits of the beds provided by the store.
Ewart Dudko Richardson, takes a look at the range of DEC containment systems. If you are interested you can find out more about: Barrier Isolation (click here) or Integrated Isolator Solutions (click here)