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As part of our Biz To Biz TV re-launch, we put Rosie Wells out on the streets to ask regular folks their thoughts on some of todays burning issues.  No journalistic agenda just straight questions [Read More]
In 2009, Guvnor Media (USA) produced this advertisement for JimiCap – a major sports supplier to the NFL. It was part of an in-store campaign for JimiCap USA.
Whether you’re looking at Kickstarter, Indie GoGo or a slot on Dragon’s Den there are a few things you should know about. And who better to tell you than crowdfunding pros. Presented by Warren Cass [Read More]
In the last show of 2014, Rosie; Spends some more time talking with The Lazy Salesman Marcus Cauchi; Looks at some of todays most popular cars with Speeds Visits The Midlands Expo at Aston Villa [Read More]
In this 30 minutes Webinar PLUS, Award Winning trainer Marcus Cauchi, talks you through the essence of successful cold calling. This is a recording of alive webinar first broadcast on 15th June 2015.
Angels Den is probably the most successful crowdfunding organisation around. Founder Bill Morrow is a font of information about the intricacies of how to (and not to) put together a crowdfunding campaign. In this first [Read More]
1/4 In the first of the series Richard Carty of Netshield, talks about the importance of backing up information – before you migrate to a new Windows system.
Ewart Dudko Richardson, takes a look at the range of DEC containment systems. If you are interested you can find out more about: Barrier Isolation (click here) or Integrated Isolator Solutions (click here)  
3/4  Mark Alexander Todd looks at the possible pitfalls of migrating your documents and software to a new computer system. Assume nothing – check everything.
As well as being an incredible piece of history, The Manor House in West Bromwich has numerous tales of murder and ghostly happenings. Curator Rachel Kinsella and paranormal investigator David Taylor give a tantalizing glimpse [Read More]