Guvnor Media – Making News in a Virtual Studio

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This is a short ‘news-style’ video for a financial client. The video contains a few elements – animated VR set, live presenter (Richard Boland) animated crawl titles created in Premiere Pro CC.

While we used a Panasonic AG AC160, the quality of the green screen compositing is much improved by the use of the Atomos Ninja 2. The Ninja gave us 4.2.2. (10 bit) video files to work with giving us much cleaner edges.

This meant the video could be put together in Premiere Pro without the need for After Efects, reducing production time and keep the budget manageble for the client.

“Retire Faster, is a practical guide to retirement planning and investment advice for company directors who may wish to retire early. It’s an insightful expose’ of the financial services industry and the investment sector. It calls on readers to make smarter and more considered decisions about how they invest their money and with whom.”

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