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In the last show of 2014, Rosie; Spends some more time talking with The Lazy Salesman Marcus Cauchi; Looks at some of todays most popular cars with Speeds Visits The Midlands Expo at Aston Villa [Read More]
Over the Summer of 2014 Ali DeFoy, and a Biz To Biz TV crew, spent time at Aston Villa’s allotment – the home of their Roots and Renewal CSR project. This the first of two [Read More]
Originally an interview for our series World of Tomorrow?, this introduction to augmented reality by Design BP is so concise, we decided to make it stand alone item for The Bizness Show. Company directors, Mark [Read More]
In December 2014 food and bevearge providers in the UK will encounter some important changes in the way they present food information to customers. Paul Warren and Joan Goodger, experts from Food & Hygiene, explain [Read More]
As The Bizness Show returns after the Summer holidays, Rosie introduces: Marcus Cauchi, who jokingly calls himself the Lazy Sales man An item from our media partner Business Scene, for their recent Golf Day Karyl [Read More]
When Marcus Cauchi (pronounced “cow key”) says he’s a lazy salesman, he’s demonstrating his dry sense of self depricating humour. In fact, his sales training is intensive, time consuming and challenging –  forcing clients to [Read More]