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Ths video was a pilot for an on-line series of videos for IKEA Burbank.
This IKEA video was produced at the flagship store in Burbank, Los Angeles. It was created to inform customers about the wide range and benefits of the beds provided by the store.
Ewart Dudko Richardson, takes a look at the range of DEC containment systems. If you are interested you can find out more about: Barrier Isolation (click here) or Integrated Isolator Solutions (click here)  
3/4  Mark Alexander Todd looks at the possible pitfalls of migrating your documents and software to a new computer system. Assume nothing – check everything.
2/4  The second episode in this featured series looks at the types of issues you can run into with new hardware.
1/4 In the first of the series Richard Carty of Netshield, talks about the importance of backing up information – before you migrate to a new Windows system.
4/4 The final part to our short film series on the demise of Microsofts obsolete operating system – Windows XP.