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Safezone is a unique personal safety app. Created by Critical Arc the app. allows students or employees, in a pre-defined area, to feel safe when they are lone working. Tested in Australia, the app. is [Read More]
In the West Midlands there are plenty of intiatives to help people get into work. Steps to Work is one such scheme based in Walsall, and this short talking head video recounts one person’s experience [Read More]
In this weeks news Ali DeFoy takes a look at: In the Arena with Kriss Akabusi Serious Games International working with British Airways (Tim Luft – interview) Nat West announces new funding hubs Guvnor Media [Read More]
Ali DeFoy presents this weeks news and takes a look at: Netshields new VoIP telephone offering¬† [Netshield feature on the Demise of XP] Essex Council’s finance roadshow Apple’s iPhone 6 launch Guvnor Media’s new science [Read More]
Ali DeFoy reads this weeks news and takes a look at: UK second quarter growth figures Rosie Wells goes out and the street and asks Birmingham shoppers about Scottish Independence Business In Education British Science [Read More]
As part of our Biz To Biz TV re-launch, we put Rosie Wells out on the streets to ask regular folks their thoughts on some of todays burning issues.  No journalistic agenda just straight questions [Read More]
Ali DeFoy reads this weeks news: ACAS discusses the new flexible working rules CBI What can the World Cup teach us about business If you have some business news send it to newsdesk@guvnormedia.co.uk
Intrepid presenter and newsreader Ali DeFoy joined the growing number of personalities doing the ice-bucket challenge to raise money for charity. At the end of her show at Gems TV Ali took the plunge in [Read More]
Ali DeFoy reads this weeks Bizness News: Informatix announces cuts to its Microsoft training programs Business Scene and Guvnor Media – media partnership The Business Growth Show Live at West Ham Google Broadband proposals Send [Read More]
Ali DeFoy presents the Bizness News.