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    JimiCap (Advertisement)
    by The Guvnor
The field of pharmaceutical micronisation is crucial for the production of many products. Ewart Dudko Richardson explains the uses of this cutting edge technology. You may also like to see this video on Barrier Isolation
Ewart Dudko Richardson, takes a look at the range of DEC containment systems. If you are interested you can find out more about: Barrier Isolation (click here) or Integrated Isolator Solutions (click here)  
In December 2014 food and bevearge providers in the UK will encounter some important changes in the way they present food information to customers. Paul Warren and Joan Goodger, experts from Food & Hygiene, explain [Read More]
On the 16th of May, Biz To Biz TV founders, Mark (Alexander Todd) and Ewart (Dudko-Richardson) took a trip down to London to attend The Business Show. Boasting in excess of 300 exhibitors this twice [Read More]
CEO of the Business Growth Show, Mark Linton, discusses his plans for the future of his popular networking show.
When Marcus Cauchi (pronounced “cow key”) says he’s a lazy salesman, he’s demonstrating his dry sense of self depricating humour. In fact, his sales training is intensive, time consuming and challenging –  forcing clients to [Read More]
Mark Linton presents The Business Growth Show at the AJ Bell Stadium in Salford. Warren Cass offers some advice on how best to network at conferences and exhibitions.
3/4  Mark Alexander Todd looks at the possible pitfalls of migrating your documents and software to a new computer system. Assume nothing – check everything.
Rosie interviews Australian security consultant Glenn Farrant of Critical Arc. Glenn discusses their unique software Safe Zone, a personal security app. which is being used in universities in the UK and Australia.
2/4  The second episode in this featured series looks at the types of issues you can run into with new hardware.