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    SafeZone by Critical Arc
    by The Guvnor
Safezone is a unique personal safety app. Created by Critical Arc the app. allows students or employees, in a pre-defined area, to feel safe when they are lone working. Tested in Australia, the app. is [Read More]
Rosie spends some time talking to our new Bizness Lifestyle presenters Karyl Iles and Libby Walton. Just what are the best clothes to wear for the office, for a presentation or an informal meeting – [Read More]
Presented by Ali DeFoy, this is the on-road review of the Range Rover Evoque 2016. With many improvements to the cars ride and look, the 2016 Range Rover is in our opinion an improvement on [Read More]
One key ingredient to the success of the DEC Group, has been its integrated approach to process equipment. Offering systems which can be scaled from development to production means significantly reduced delays through unnecessary process [Read More]
4/4 The final part to our short film series on the demise of Microsofts obsolete operating system – Windows XP.
In 2009, Guvnor Media (USA) produced this advertisement for JimiCap – a major sports supplier to the NFL. It was part of an in-store campaign for JimiCap USA.
Ewart Dudko Richardson has over 30 years experience in process containment.
Ths video was a pilot for an on-line series of videos for IKEA Burbank.
As part of our Biz To Biz TV re-launch, we put Rosie Wells out on the streets to ask regular folks their thoughts on some of todays burning issues.  No journalistic agenda just straight questions [Read More]
The Goldsmith’s Charity Golf day was a really good event, held to raise money for the Altzheimers Association. Guvnor Media covered the event and had plenty of laughs in the process as you’ll see in [Read More]